I am motion!

My professional start of working in the VFX-industry was right after I finished my studies at the Filmakademie Ludwigsburg, around the middle of 2006. Currently I am working as an Animation Supervisor for feature film and episodical projects at Trixter in Berlin, where I started out in the role of an Animation Lead in 2018. Prior to this I was contracted as a Senior Animator for Framestore in London and Animator for Weta Digital Ltd., situated in Wellington, New Zealand. Before I did my little tour around the world, I worked at the Unexpected GmbH in Stuttgart, Germany, where I made my way from Intern to Animation Director, with a very strong focus on commercials.

My area of expertise is Character and Creature Animation, from biped through quadruped to sextaped, motion, acting or action, choreography, exact emphases, clear expression, storytelling and dynamics. Getting there as fast as possible with my team, with the highest possible quality of animation, is my every days goal. The only way to achieve this is by nurturing and using everybody’s different potential and specializations, as I’ve understood and proven numerous times, as a strong team player, an animation teacher, a team lead and a pulling force.

I've got my roots in drawn animation before I started to study at the Filmakademie Ludwigsburg in 2000. Today I still do draw professionally for designing purposes, and even in my concepts, I tend to catch the pose of characters in the middle of a movement.

But my addiction to and passion for motion doesn't stop just there. It stretches out through my professional and private life in so many and various ways, since it has always been my credo: "It's easier to animate realistically what you actually can do or know, than just to guess." So from being a motion capture artist, learning various martial arts to acrobatics and several couple dances… I move quite a lot!